Best Headphones for Hiking- Aftershokz Bluez 2

12 May

Headphones for hiking should allow you to hear whatever is going on around you. The Aftershokz brand of headphones are good for hikers and campers to use. Aftershokz Bluez 2 are built for people who want to hear the sounds of nature while they walk.

Many hikers like to feel connected to their natural environment. Headphones such as Aftershokz that let in ambient noise even as you listen to the news or something else via your headphones are a good choice.

File:Trekking in the Quebrada de Cafayate, Salta (Argentina).jpg

Aftershokz Bluez 2 headphones for hiking offer:

  • Bone conduction technology
  • Sound is sent straight to the cochlea
  • Technology used repels sweat
  • Two different microphones for enhanced communication

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Weather Mysteries: The Moscow Halo Cloud

6 May

The strange, shining cloud that was sighted above Moscow caused a lot of curiosity and some concern but what exactly could have caused it?

A strange cloud with an unusual shape was spotted in the skies above Moscow, Russia. This phenomenon has been dubbed a ‘halo cloud’ for its similarity in appearance to that of a halo. This halo is kind of big however. Big both in size and in the amount of attention it has received.

Described as everything from a UFO to a sign of the apocalypse, the cloud has stirred admiration, awe and curiosity worldwide. What are the explanations for this phenomenon?

It’s said by some to be meteorological in origin, like the Aurora Borealis and ball lightning (luminous, moving balls which have been observed during thunderstorms). Here are some weather facts to help you draw your own conclusion.

  • The sky gets brighter around clouds. Over several years, satellites have measured halos around clouds, which extend as far as 9 miles away from the clouds.
  • Clouds behave like mirrors in the sky. They reflect sunlight and create a halo effect around them.
  • Clouds actually cool the earth by reflecting solar energy back into space. Even when the sky appears to be cloudless, particles in the sky are still present, reflecting energy back into the sky.
  • Sometimes, large circular gaps appear in clouds. These gaps are called fallstreak holes. They occur in cirrocumulus or altocumulus clouds.

Fallstreak holes are formed when the water temperature in a cloud is just approaching freezing. There is a gorgeous picture of a fallstreak hole on Jpgmag. The picture was taken by David Lee Tiller. Kristi83 also has a great picture on Flickr!

When the halo cloud appeared, there was atmospheric interference caused by cold air from the Arctic region. Several cold fronts had also passed through Moscow around that time.

So, what do you think? Whatever the explanation is, the halo cloud is really something to see! If you enjoy looking at phenomena such as eclipses and the like, make sure you look at this one.

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Giving Aid Amidst Cultural Differences After Disasters

25 Abr

In China, in May, 2008, over 200 aid workers repairing damaged roads after an earthquake, were buried in the mudslides that followed.

Added to this, is the fact that the supply of clean water is usually limited, in the days immediately following a serious earthquake, hurricane or other natural disaster. This increases the possibility, of acquiring diarrhoeal illnesses, such as E. coli, entamoeba and Giardia.

File:A Flooded Town in Oxfordshire MOD 45158455.jpg

Humanitarian workers may even face harm due to cultural differences. In Sudan, aid workers were attacked by police in January, while they were celebrating a day off, with dining, drinking and dancing. Sudanese officials say that aid workers and members of the U.N. staff, will be held accountable, for breaking Sudanese law.

Relief workers often return home, having endured the same mental trauma as a veteran of war. This happens because of the frequency with which they undertake difficult, dangerous tasks and neglect food, sleep and personal care, in the race to decrease fatalities.

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FREE Today! 10 Step Guide To Hiring Temporary Staff: Avoid Mistakes With Hiring Temp Staff That Lead To Delays And Frustration… by Sharifa McFarlane Sanderson

11 Abr

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via FREE Today! 10 Step Guide To Hiring Temporary Staff: Avoid Mistakes With Hiring Temp Staff That Lead To Delays And Frustration… by Sharifa McFarlane Sanderson.

Nutritional Benefits of Onions

16 Sep

The nutritional benefits of onions and garlic are well known in most cultures. Many people cook with these spices because of the flavor that they give to food. While numerous health benefits are attached to eating onions and garlic, they are often used in dishes just because they give an extra zest to meals.

Onions contain a number of important nutrients. In fact, they contain several of the nutrients that we need to build healthy bones and teeth, as well as improve functioning in other parts of the body. The following nutrients can be found in abundance in onions:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Selenium
  • Phosphorous
  • Sodium
  • Iron
  • Chromium

Chromium, which is present in onions, has a vital role in regulating insulin. This means that people who are diabetic may benefit by eating onions in their meals. Chromium is a trace mineral and it helps the cells in the body to respond properly to insulin. In this way, the chromium which is present in onions helps persons with diabetes to control their blood sugar level. Onions are used to treat anemia because of their high iron content.

Onions contain very little fat. There are 67 calories in 1 cup of chopped onions. Generally there are about 40 calories in 100 grams of onions. Onion rings dipped in batter and fried have about 93 calories per ounce. 10 medium sized onion rings give about 165 calories.

The allyl propyl disulphide which is present in onions is responsible for many of its antibacterial properties. Allium is also present in onions and, like allyl propyl disulphide, helps to protect us from cancer and diabetes.

Allicin is a product of allium and allyl propyl disulphide. Allicin is produced from these compounds when onions are crushed or cut. Allicin helps to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol present in the body. It does this by inhibiting the production of bad cholesterol. Allicin is a strong antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral.

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Is 1.8 cm Breast Cancer with Lymphatic Invasion Curable?

16 Sep

Is 1.8 cm breast cancer with lymphatic invasion curable? Yes it is curable. While the rate of recovery from breast cancer is lower in patients with lymphatic invasion, people with both of these conditions present still do recover.

People have recovered after completely removing all of the breast tissue however a mastectomy is not always necessary. Your doctors will be able to help you come to decision on the course of treatment that is best in your situation.

Even if cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, there are different degrees of invasion. Your pathologist will test the lymph nodes to find out how many of them have cancer. Many people with cancer survive and live full lives.

Why Does the Lymphatic System Seem Almost Invisible?
Why does the lymphatic system seem almost invisible? Unlike the blood system, the lymphatic system is not easily seen. When we get cut, we see blood. We can feel our hearts pounding and pick up the pulse at various points in our body. However, we may only notice the lymphatic system when our tonsils or lymph nodes get swollen, or we see pus.

While we may see these examples of the lymphatic system at work, we may not connect them as being parts of a whole network that extends throughout the body. Doctors do not pay as much attention to this system and less study has been done on it, in comparison to the research undertaken to learn about the blood system. If you have breast cancer with lymphatic invasion, remember that it is curable and a positive outlook will increase your chances of full recovery.

Jamaica Autism Support Association Activities

5 Sep

The Jamaica Autism Support Association is one of the organizations in the island which works to improve knowledge of the disorders that can affect people during their younger years. The association has been in existence for more than five years and has helped to raise awareness of autism throughout the country.

The support group was founded by parents who have autistic children. The president is Cathy Chang, who is also a co-founder. The group also consists of caregivers and other professionals who work with individuals with autism. More than 200 people are a part of the Association at present.

The Jamaica Autism Support Association hosts a wide range of family activities as well. Some of these are sponsored by corporate bodies in the Caribbean island. For example, Digicel, the Jamaica Surfing Association and the Rotary Club of Trafalgar New Heights have worked with the Association to host an annual day of surfing.

The most recent event was held in 2013 at Cable Hut Beach in St. Thomas, Jamaica. St. Thomas offers excellent opportunities for surfing. The parish hosts the largest competitive surfing event in the English speaking Caribbean. Kids at the day of surfing were able to interact with professional surfers and learn new skills.

The Jamaica Autism Support Association hosts activities that attract attention, are fun and are educational. Emancipation Park in Jamaica is located in the center of business activities in Kingston, the nation’s capital. The Association held a balloon release in the park one Saturday, to recognize World Autism Awareness Day. The colorful, biodegradable balloons lit up the April day and produced great photo opportunities and smiles on the faces of onlookers.

The organization hosts workshops for parents, teachers and other stakeholders. The group publishes information on their blog, and hosts regular autism group support meetings. You can visit the Jamaica Autism Support Association at their website,

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