High calorie liquid cat food

28 Dic

High calorie liquid cat food


liquid meal replacement for cats

A Reminder Of Joy From A Glade Air Freshener

8 Nov

Interviewers Need Training Too

2 Nov

HR Govament Yaad

Interview-imageThe act of interviewing someone for a position is no joke. It’s not as easy as it seems, and this is one of the reasons we have so many well spoken employees who are ‘underperformers’, yep, I said it. We are in a social culture where we love the rhetoric, and it convinces us that these eloquent speakers are our best fit. We hire them and find out, not so, not so at all.

We naively believe that there are standard questions we ask, and expect standard responses, and if they speak well on the interview then that’s it. “Tell me about yourself”…”Why should we hire you?” These two are our heavy hitters in an interview and if we hear what we want from the interviewee then he/she is good to go (or should I say, good to come, or good to hire…?)

We fail to understand that there are…

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29 Sep

HR Govament Yaad

It really doesn’t have to be this way though…as an HR professional, one should be mindful that yes, you are playing a balancing act in the organization. The Role of HR is really the go-between person where it’s a win win situation for both the employer and the employee. That person should be smooth and sharp; or should I say, allowed to be smooth and sharp, well versed in HR policies and procedures, a “lawyer” for sure in order to arrive at the best interests of both employee and employer. Utopia perhaps?

Why oh why, do most employees in particular NOT trust HR personnel, and interestingly enough, the senior management of the organization does NOT trust HR personnel to make the best and ultimately the right decisions on their behalf!!! Hark…the word “Trust” is glaring out at us …up in this joint!!!

If there actually is a “one off” HR…

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29 Sep

HR Govament Yaad

So Betty “BB” Byfield told me about her co-worker who had five children ages 3 – 14 and had just re-entered the workforce. Her husband had passed due to a heart related disease which forced her to get a job that would meet the needs of her family. As she had no personal vehicle, she had challenges getting her children to school and the nursery, and living in Spanish Town, St. Catherine was yet another added challenge, as she could only afford rent in that area.

Her appraisal for appointment rolled around and she was given an additional period of six months (add that to the six months she had already completed) due to her punctuality issues. BB said it was unfair as the facts were:

• Her punctuality reflected not more than fifteen minutes late
• She ate at her desk in order to continue working to account for…

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Cerasee Tea Detox

4 Mar

A cerasee tea detox can work wonders, as many Jamaicans know. There’s an old Jamaican song with the line, “Go boil cerasee fi yu belly”.

Selena in the song was advised to drink cerasee tea for her stomach problems. It works.You don’t need to “boil” the cerasee. You should draw it.

By that, I mean that for a cerasee tea detox, you heat the water to boiling point, then add the cerasee leaves. Turn off the fire and allow the cerasee to steep in the water for a bit.

If you don’t have access to the plant, you can buy cerasee tea bags on Amazon. I’ve never tried the tea bags because yup, I have cerasee tea growing in my yard. Fortunately, I have always had it wherever I go.

I make it a point of duty to cultivate any herbs that will help in a medicinal way. No joke.

Keep Floppy Ear Dogs From Getting Water in Ears While Swimming- Tag Cloud

16 Nov




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